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concepts to design

Communication is key to the process!


The process begins with the Initial Consultation to discuss Your Brief and subsequently a detailed Return Brief at a follow-up meeting. This will provide a comprehensive understanding of your project, determine the direction for your concept and establish terms of engagement.


Keeping it Simple and Honest

To alleviate the process by conveying an approach to decoration and design with a philosophy that focuses on the most honest direction for you without getting lost in the plethora of online images and product choices.


Planning and Choices

It is pivotal to evaluate what is essential and treasured and incorporate items of personal value.  It is also important to encourage considered choices and foster living in a sustainable way – to create your own unique style without conforming to short-term seasonal trends and buying items or products for quality, longevity, ethical and ultimately economical reasons.


Function and Aesthetics

Function is not just about practicality but also about giving aesthetic pleasure.  Pieces that satisfy and stimulate the sensory experience can make one feel nurtured and bring enjoyment being in the space.

Evaluating Elements and Principles

The core process is to evaluate the Elements and Principles of Design and develop spaces that provide functionality and convey quality.  This will be reflected in the selection of materials, fittings, furniture, artwork and accessories.


Consideration of Architecture

Capturing the essence of the architectural style of a building can provide the stimulus to reflect the period or some elements of that period when renovating or decorating the interior.


Ultimate Unique Outcome

It is equally important to create a unique interior that reflects your needs and desires and design beautiful spaces that satisfy and nurture.  This is a very personal process and so can be quite exclusive rather than following a particular style or trend.  The end result will more likely have longevity as opposed to fluctuating fads.

Are you with me?